"Racy Reds" by Lynda Cookson

 "Racy Reds" Framed

"Racy Reds" Unframed

Oil on Paper, framed
Measurements : 17" x 20.5" unframed (approximately)
Measurements : 18.5" x 22" framed (approximately)
Textured Impasto Painting
Painted with a Palette Knife 

Price  :  €235 includes International Shipping

The painting will be shipped with the glass included.
The Seller will take steps to ensure that even if the glass
breaks during shipping, no damage to the painting will occur.
If the Buyer would prefer for the glass to be removed for
shipping purposes, please communicate that wish quite
clearly by email to lyndacookson@gmail.com immediately
on purchase and before shipping takes place. 
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"Racy Reds" by Lynda Cookson